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Backup & DR – Acronics, Symantec, Veeam, Vembu

We provide full Backup & Storage Solution for End User Desktop Level& Servers Level backup with Onsite & Offsite Storage for SMB’s & Large Enterprises. We are specialized in providing Backup & restore of physical & virtual server environments such as VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V, KVM, etc, applications such as Oracle, MySql, etc with unlimited critical business data.

Our Backup services include the Server Based Disaster Recovery as a Service where the Server can be mounted on any Virtual environment to reduce the down time & supports bare metal and dissimilar hardware recoveries. Further to DR our services will covers the Standby Server & Onsite Support Services.


Acronis Reinforcement is the world’s least demanding and speediest reinforcement answer for every one of your information, regardless of whether it is situated on-premises, in remote frameworks, in private and open mists, or on cell phones. With improved reinforcement approval and blockchain-based verification of your reinforcements with Acronis Notary™, Acronis Reinforcement 12.5 is the most dependable reinforcement arrangement available today.

Finish Business Assurance

Ensure your whole half and half cloud framework, including physical frameworks, virtual hypervisors and VMs, cloud applications, client desktops and portable workstations, and cell phones

World’s Quickest Recuperation

Lessen RTOs to seconds with Acronis Moment Restore™, which begins your Windows or Linux reinforcement straightforwardly from reinforcement stockpiling as a VMware or Hyper-V VM — no information development or standby equipment required

Adaptable Capacity Choices

Increment business flexibility by putting away reinforcements in up to five areas, including neighborhood plates, NAS, SAN, tape, and also demonstrated and secure Acronis Distributed storage

Instinctive, Adaptable Administration

Decrease IT workload and overhead with a touch-accommodating, online administration reassure for reinforcement and recuperation of all workloads and information

Creative Information Insurance

Shield your frameworks from ransomware assaults with Acronis Dynamic Protection™, the main reinforcement innovation that recognizes and forestalls unapproved encryption of records and reinforcements


Vembu BDR Suite – An All inclusive Reinforcement Arrangement

All organizations require a Reinforcement and DR arrangement that secures their server farm physically and for all intents and purposes. Substantial, Medium and Independent companies are securing their physical and virtual situations utilizing Vembu BDR Suite and sparing immense on their IT spending plans!

Reinforcement and DR Answer for Microsoft Windows Servers and Workstations

Plate Picture Reinforcement

Changed Piece Following

Exposed metal Recuperation


Document/Envelope and Application Reinforcement Answer for Windows, Linux and Macintosh machines

Granular-level Reinforcement

MS Application Reinforcement

Remote/Offsite Reinforcement


Reinforcement business basic information to secure Vembu Cloud

Document and MS Application Reinforcement

Whenever, Anyplace Recuperation

End-to-end Encryption


Cloud-to-cloud Reinforcement Answer for SaaS Applications

Microsoft Office 365 Reinforcement

G Suite Reinforcement

Whenever, Anyplace Recuperation


  • Symantec Oversaw Reinforcement Administrations
  • take care of your operational issues.
  • Ensure your information.
  • Ensure your business.
  • Ensure your notoriety.

Data is the new cash in the 21st century. Veritas Oversaw Reinforcement Administrations gives the data reinforcement security and consistency that you need and need to ensure your information, your business and your notoriety. By advancing reinforcement administrations operational proficiency, you can build the estimation of your Veritas speculation.

Proactive Observing and Administration.

24×7 observing – not simply amid business hours

Episode remediation – continuous, even at 2 am

Capacity merchant administration – empowers full end-to-end understanding to reinforcement foundation

World Class NetBackup Specialists.

Progressed NetBackup occasion remediation

essentially diminish time to determination – keep the snowball influence

underlying driver examination – keep issues from reoccurring

Access to proactive and unparalleled Veritas NetBackup ability

worldwide group of specialized administrations and Research and development – boots on the groundfrontline access to critical thinking aptitude

enhance reinforcement and reestablish execution

highlight selection

Proactive arranging and constant upgrades – in light of the fact that no condition is ever static

scope organization

fix and overhaul condition

Business Results

Ensured SLAs

SLAs are built up and authorized – appreciate true serenity knowing your information is accessible

24×7 heightening and occasion administration – breathe a sigh of relief knowing somebody is disapproving of the store

Reinforcement achievement, rehash disappointments, reestablishes reaction

Full straightforwardness – no curve balls

Access to constant reports and measurements – knowledge readily available at whatever point you need

Unsurprising expenses – makes arranging and guaging less uncertain

Operational perfection advances boosted venture – increase enhanced efficiencies no matter how you look at it

Centered need with week by week, month to month, quarterly examination surveys – meet actually with your committed record rep versus perusing another report

Saddle NetBackup ability – improved framework and assets, boosted item include use and first line access to best practices/IP – be among the first in line to
get the most recent advantage of worldwide learning

We provide cost effective QNAP, SYNOLOGY, Western Digital storage Solutions based on

Onsite – NAS & SAN Solutions

Remote branch offices& Offsite – NAS & SAN Solutions


  • Get your Veeam reinforcements and imitations off site
  • Let’s be honest — who needs to construct and keep up an auxiliary site, when you can send your
  • reinforcements and reproductions off site to a trusted specialist co-op? Give the specialists a chance to assemble and deal with this site for you.

Consider the cost points of interest

IT professionals wherever are inclining toward this convincing monetary model. Try not to make a major capital interest in equipment that you at that point need to keep up. Utilize another person’s equipment and pay-as-you-go.

Enhance security without

giving up control

Regardless of where your information is put away — you control it — with AES 256-piece encryption amid reinforcement, in-flight and very still in the cloud.

Take the strain off your inward assets

Lessen the multifaceted nature of your on-premises foundation and turn out to be better secured if something happens to your office, which likewise arranges for your group to take a shot at different activities.

Robotize it – work more intelligent,

not harder

Try not to take in another UI or need to reproduce and physically arrange your cloud reinforcements. Veeam® has made a simple route for you to stretch out Accessibility to the cloud with Veeam Cloud Interface.