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Data Safety

Data Protection

Data security and availability is critical for most businesses Data lost due to disasters such as a flood or fire is crushing, but losing it to hackers or a malware infection can have much greater consequences. Microsysnet’s Data Safety and Security solutions guarantee 99.999 uptime.

Online storage is in constant use in the data center performing real-time data transactions for server applications. Online data storage protection consists of disk drive-based storage, snapshot and replication

Offline storage is commonly referred to as “archive” or “back up” storage and is typically a tape drive or low-end disk drive (virtual tape). Offline storage is used to back up the data stored on both the online and near line storage devices and is designed for storage of data for long periods of time. Because data is archived, offline storage appliances focus on data accuracy, protection, and security.

Data Protection Highlights

  • In a recent survey with our end users, We found the following:
  • 75% of IT professionals believe that email is their most critical application
  • 27% of IT professionals believe that their most critical application cannot be unavailable for more than four hours
  • 32% of IT professionals believe that their data is at risk or exposed
  • 40% of IT professionals will be increasing their incremental back-up frequency to more than once per day

High Availability

Our High Availability Solutions (Clustering   & Replication) deliver maximum data and application available across a wide array of operating systems, applications, hardware components, and data center locations. Even in the most diverse IT environment, our solutions can provide the ultimate in data and application availability by using Clustering and Replications
High availability has become a critical requirement for virtually every industry in the business world today. A computer system failure can result in the failure of a business to operate, and every minute of down time can mean lost revenue, productivity, and profit.

For systems to achieve continuous operations, the system components (hardware, operating system, middleware, and applications) must be implemented in a fashion where failures are transparent to the end user. In addition, mechanisms must be in place to allow system maintenance without disrupting the current workload

Backup Recovery

Do you have an intelligent data backup and unified recovery management solution that can easily grow with your increasing data storage needs? Today’s businesses need to be able to react quickly, without having to worry if their storage solution will scale up to meet increased data storage requirements, provide required service levels such as Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives, or be incompatible with a particular application or platform.

Important data backup and recovery questions
Is your data backup and recovery system automated?
Are your backups pre-scheduled to occur daily?
Is your data backed up automatically off-sited?

We Ensure

  • Ensuring 99.999 percent service availability.
  • Managing growth in the volumes of data.
  • Managing storage infrastructure to improve the quality of service (QoS) as defined by service level agreements (SLAs) while reducing complexity and controlling costs.
  • Integrating applications with storage and data management requirements.
  • Operating within short, or non-existent, data backup windows.
  • Supporting existing IT systems that cannot run the latest technologies.
  • Managing islands of technology leads to decentralized administration and management as well as increased costs.
  • Assessing data value so that the most appropriate strategies can be applied to each type of data.