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Managed Computer Network Support Services

End to End Network Solutions made it simple, our network services combined…..

  • Local Area Network

  • Wide Area Network

  • Wireless Data Network

  • Data Center Network


High-performance computer networking is essential for companies to achieve optimal efficiency in their work processes: Modern Local Area Networks (LANs) – i.e. computer networks within a limited physical area – provide economical, well structured and fast access to all information and applications.

Microsysnet provides superior, innovative and value added services across technology and product domains to enterprises worldwide, based on its flexible project delivery model and packaged services. Microsysnet end-to-end network solutions and services help to build solid network and communication infrastructure for enterprises.

Microsysnet networking offers consulting, solution design, implementation and integration, bringing to the table technology, product and multi-domain business expertise, along with stringent quality processes and strategic alliances with product vendors. Microsysnet has been partnering with several vendors like Cisco, HP, Sonicwall who are the leading technology solution provider for networking and communication infrastructure for over a decade.

Local Area Network (LAN)

Local area Network covers support and maintenance of end-to-end LAN infrastructure comprising of devices such as Hubs, switches, firewalls, load balancers and monitoring of the LAN infrastructure.

Wide Area Network


WAN covers the provision of circuits, connectivity management, support and maintenance of end-to-end WAN, MAN, Internet, MPLS, P2P links, infrtasructure comprising of devices such as Routers, ISP equipments, WAN accelerators, Link Encryptors, VPN concentrators and monitoring of the WAN infrastructure.

Data Center Network


DC network covers support and maintenance of end-to-end DC network infrastructure comprising of devices such as switches, firewalls, load balancers and monitoring of the DC network infrastructure. The DC network support covers monitoring, management, performance and capacity utilization of each device and report.

Wireless Data Network


Wireless network covers the support and maintenance of end-to-end Wireless data network infrastructure comprising of devices like wireless routers, Wireless access points, Wireless network adapter and monitoring of WLAN infrastructure.
Other offerings are conceptualized, implemented and delivered keeping in mind entire suite of services:

  • LAN management, WAN management
  • WLAN management
  • Unified Communications
  • VoIP
  • IP Contact Center management
  • Network Operations Center
  • Network System Integration Services
  • Network Consulting Services
  • Network Implementation Services

Microsysnet majority of the Network Life Cycle Management activities and tasks from a secure ISO certified centralized network operations center. Our mature transition methodology in turn converts each activity into an ITIL compliant process that can be effectively delivered through tools and automation thus automating the availability of applications running on network rather than just addressing the uptime.
Our strong network legacy and proven leadership of experience in monitoring & managing converged network infrastructure along with significant investments – “one-of-its-kind technology lab, strategic partnerships and proprietary tools for integrated performance and visibility experience for infrastructure landscape has helped us to stand out in the industry