Introducing Microsysnet’s Next Generation Managed Disaster Recovery for Physical & Virtual Environments

  • Fully managed service allow providing assured data protection online and On-Site recovery of business-critical data
  • Remote Monitoring provides 24x7 Monitoring and management of your backup operations
  • Backup Advisory and Reporting Web based dashboard reports to support day‐to‐day administration and management

    Your Business Data is at Risk!

    • Computer Viruses
    • Malicious Destruction
    • Human Error
    • Application Corruption
    • Physical Destruction
    • Hardware Failure
    The best preventative measures are not enough (i.e. Anti-virus, RAID, etc.) | Today’s backup solutions are time-intensive and unreliable | Manual off-site vaulting is too expensive and is rarely tested


      Outsource your IT system
      protection to us

      • Backup
      • Antivirus
      • Internet
      • Security
      • Hosting

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        Cloud Backup Solutions

        Feature-Rich Online Cloud Backup Solutions & Software

        Do you own a small or medium business? Are you looking for inexpensive online backup & disaster recovery solution to secure your digital data? If yes, then Microsysnet suits you the best. We assist you in recovering complete system & application from a block-level to an individual file locally, and across the WAN in minutes. From storing small data to an entire server backup to providing satisfying cloud backup solutions, we do it all through our Backup Data & Recovery (BDR) solution. In addition, we also help you to run VM directly from the backup file in either production or an isolated test environment.  High performance backup, bare metal recoveries, built-in offsite backup & replication and more, are some of the important features of our online backup services to benefit you.

        Affordable Cloud Backup and Recovery Solution in Dubai, UAE and Middle East

        As per the reports and research studies from renowned authorities, it is a dead end for companies who lose a bulk of their data in a disaster. Moreover, those still relying on traditional storage modes are not safe either. Practices such as improper backup, use of obsolete storage media, configuring of backup software wrongly, etc., could prove to be detrimental to their businesses. At Microsysnet, we protect you from all such business risks through our cost-effective and reliable cloud backup solutions. We ensure professional management of your data with world-class security, hence eliminating your reliance on traditional backup and vaulting. Furthermore, our durable storage services for your mission-critical and primary data make way for its prompt availability as well as durability.

        Your cloud backup is secure with us!
        Your data is duly secure with us owing to the stiff security measures we utilize, such as:

        With Backup service and storage locations in EU (Ireland), US West (Northern California), Asia Pacific (Singapore & Tokyo), Middle East (UAE, Dubai, Qatar & Abu Dhabi), and South Asia (India) Regions, we can secure your important business as other digital information better. We also provide you with the option to building Regional Public or Private Storage Cloud backup.

        Security Details: Our managed online backup facilities accompany robust security management. It allows you to encrypt your data with up to 448-bit military level encryption. We also support the industry standard Blowfish and Triple DES encryption algorithms for additional security of your business data. To reduce the chances of data theft, we utilize TCP/IP based secure connection during client and server installation.





        network products
        Protecting Your Data : We use Amazon based remote backup storage which provides a highly durable storage infrastructure designed for mission-critical and primary data storage Objects are redundantly stored on multiple devices across multiple Region.
        Storage Locations
        * EU (Ireland) * US West (Northern California) * Asia Pacific (Singapore) * Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Regions. With option of building Regional Public or Private Storage Cloud


        Offsite Data is stored is secured by default, backup supports multiple access control mechanisms as well as encryption for both secure transit and secure storage on disk with password protection. For customers who must comply with regulatory standards such as PCI and HIPAA, our data protection features can be used as part of an overall strategy to achieve compliance.


        Managed Backup supports several mechanisms that give you flexibility to control who can access your data as well as how, when, and where they can access it.
        Encrypt your backups with up to 448-bit military level encryption.
        Managed backup comes with a robust security management features which includes the facility to encrypt and send backups to the backup server. We supports the industry standard Blowfish and Triple DES encryption algorithms to secure your business data. These secure encryption techniques has never been broken before. In addition, the client and server installations communicate using a TCP/IP based secure connection which reduces the risk of your valuable data being stolen.
        a computer with fans and a laptop

        All Product Includes



        99% Uptime Guarantee is true, we never faced a downtime for the IT systems, pro-active IT support help us to tackle the issue before it occurs which enable the business continuity of AROGYA.


        Manoj G, MD – AROGYA Food

        Managed Online PC support made it simple, there help desk and online call response time is excellent backed by cloud products and technology help us not to relay on in-house IT team or expensive IT servers to maintain.


        Ashley John, MD – Dunamis Communications

        We started with 2 location which is expand to 5 location within a period of 1 year backed by Microsysnet IT Support. We would not be functioning … at all … without the Managed Support and Product services provided by Microsysnet, they are able to literally get everyone functioning the same as always — which, in my mind, is just amazing.


        Mirza Farrukh Baig, CEO – Lynchpin Training

        Microsysnet is currently taking care of complete infrastructure of JAIN with Managed service platform which is really help us to focus on our core business. If something minor happens, they are quick and efficient to answer the call! Great service.

        JAIN & Partners

        Anish Jain, Director – JAIN & Partners

        Microsysnet’s Managed support system help us to centrally monitor our Network and User Support System, 39% cost savings doesn’t even take into account the fact that our IT Network spanned across GCC and South Asia Region are monitored 24 hours a day. We also have access to knowledgeable, fully-trained IT professionals; this knowledge and expertise would be costly and virtually impossible to replicate with internal staff.

        MEPCO Gulf

        Shihab Kunju, Finance Director – MEPCO Gulf
        UPENDO Flowers

        Microsysnet Managed services cost far less than doing IT in-house. We save 60% in annual IT costs for past 4 years with Microsysnet followed 99% uptime– and that’s direct cost savings only along with business continuity! To do IT in-house at the same expenditure level (compared managed services), I would have two really stressed overworked staff, aged equipment, and a lot of issues.

        UPENDO Flowers

        Bas ter Laare , Managing Director – UPENDO Flowers
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