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rosysnet September 8, 2016 blog-microsysnet 0 Comments

The advantages of outsourcing IT requirements of a business to a MSP (Managed Service Provider) are many. To illustrate the main points

Flexibility in the Expertise of Vendors

The MSPs can reach other experts in the IT world and get advice, consultation as well as tips which result in efficient working of the business

Technical Competency of the MSP Staff

This is perhaps the biggest advantage when dealing with technical matters of information technology. If your core competency is not IT technology then it is best left to people who understand and figure the best way forward.

What are the Significant Factors when choosing a MSP?

In the modern context, you want MSPs who work proactively. You do not want to firefight – meaning you want a MSP to foresee issues and tailor solutions. It is like having a prepared defense for any disaster that may occur. In the IT world, security issues are disaster issues. A flaw in the security can render loss of data that would entail huge losses of not only data but also revenue. Importantly if you are selling through an ecommerce portal then customer integrity and trust issues take precedence over everything else. As the saying goes money lost it can be recouped, trust lost all is lost.

Prevention of Data Loss

The Gulf countries rely on cloud backup Dubai based MSP who have the expertise to deal with data issues and data loss. Several web hosting Dubai based companies testify to their MSPs competence. Most of these MSPs have their IT support in India as well as annual maintenance contract services in UAE and India. The Gulf MSPs are top notch when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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