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Web hosting forms the backbone for a business dependent mainly on its online store. Several hardware and networking company in UAE provide web hosting services. However, you must select them carefully, as not every one of them provides a quality service. A poor web hosting can make you lose possible clients and customers at the peak business hours.

To take you out from the dilemma of selecting web hosting services Dubai, here is a list of top web hosting companies in this blog. The hardware and networking companies in UAE that stepped in the field of web hosting services can also help you solve your IT related problems. This unbiased and impartial list includes companies based on their Alexa Rank. As this rank often fluctuates, therefore, there are chances that it may change the course of time. In addition, Alexa Rank in not the ultimate criteria to assess a web hosting company. However, it will give you a rough idea about it.

Top Web Hosting Services Dubai

1.  ABA.ae
• At present, it is the best Shared hosting platform in Dubai
• It features various languages for the services and support

2.  Host Sailor
• Dubai based
• Good for VPS and dedicated hosting

3. Temok
• Linux platform
• Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, and VPS

4. Buziness Ware
• Dubai Based
• Features Linux as well as Windows platform
• Good for cloud hosting
• Features SSL certificates

5. AE Server
• Sharjah based
• Good for Shared and VPS hosting
• Features Linux as well as Windows platform

6. Kloud 51
• Sharjah based
• Good for Shared and VPS hosting
• Features only English language

7.  Crazy Domains

8.  Esfahan Host

9.  eHosting DataFort

10.  Practical Host

So here we have some of the best web hosting services Dubai. Every hosting company has its specialties. Some are good with Shared hosting, while some with VPS hosting and so on. Hence, you must keep your requirement in mind while selecting them.

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