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rosysnet December 14, 2016 blog-microsysnet 0 Comments

The key to achieve success in business depends on
• low cost of operations in IT infrastructure
• keeping up with technology innovations
• Expertise in several areas of Information technology

There are several MSP (Managed Service Providers) in the UAE. Selecting the right organization that fits into the profile of the client’s requires quite a bit of research and strategy

Researching MSP Strategy

A quick check with other businesses and web portals of the MSP will inform a prospective client about
• the expertise of the MSP in delivery models
• expertise in cloud based computing
• skill levels related to virtualization
• Integrating cross platform technologies

Computer network support in Qatar is deemed to be the benchmark for business IT support in UAE. Qatar has emerged from the cocoon of a sheltered society and has leapfrogged over other nations as the hub of development and advanced IT related infrastructure. One of the chief advantages the Gulf possesses is that the entire Emirates is wired for fiber optic transmission allowing the citizens the reach of communications which is witnessed in only the Scandinavian countries. Network speeds are the highest in the world as IT solutions companies in Dubai are exposed to some of the best and evolvingtechnologies. These MSPs have struck a fair balance with existing IT technologies such as Microsysnet which has the experiences learnt as an IT service provider in India.

Microsysnet is in a perfect place and achieved the perfect balance of integrating the old and the new, cloud computing, data security in-house and outsourced (they have tied up with London based data security organizations) allowing them tremendous depth and scope to tailor solutions for individual enterprises. This is the secret to Microsysnet’s leading status as a well organized and efficient MSP in the UAE.

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