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rosysnet June 6, 2016 blog 0 Comments

Cloud computing in the Gulf States is growing rapidly. It is the fastest growing segment as web hosting UAE companies offer attractive packages for businesses to embrace ecommerce. The response has been spectacular with product and service availability for domestic consumption as well as international clients. Another reason for cloud computing’s popularity is the massive investment in optical fiber. Telecommunication networks through optical fiber have the advantage of faster speeds and lot more data capability. Bandwidth availability is another feature in the Gulf that has allowed data explosion not seen anywhere else.

An offshoot is the IT security and solutions in India based companies who have embraced the changes with equal speed and ramped up their field forces with better-educated personnel who understand optical fiber. This is very different from the standard computer repair Dubai based companies that employed Indian expatriate denizens. Cloud based computing generally needs troubleshooting remotely. IT companies in Dubai are able to offer ecommerce solutions for local small and medium businesses. The result is nothing short of spectacular. Products from the Gulf are available all over the world. Dubai has become a transportation center with the opening of additional facilities in Dubai airport. Logistics is witnessing big growth.

Even though the Gulf States joined the ecommerce and internet bandwagon late, they have turned this lateness into an opportunity. Non-oil revenues are starting to show improved growth. The Sheikhs have become wise. The result is less wasteful expenditure. The spread of technology via the digital world has influenced the social sector and health benefits handsomely. Such a thought was unthinkable just a decade ago. Gulf States are the emerging telecommunication and ecommerce powerhouse. The world is watching.

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