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rosysnet March 23, 2016 blog 0 Comments

When there are several computers, laptops and other such devices being used in an office, it will be necessary to maintain them from time to time. To have a separate department to handle this may work out to be quite expensive and a cheaper and better solution will be to outsource the maintenance. There are some very good companies that offer IT support in the UAE and the expert team of technicians will be able to handle any problem that comes up. This kind of an arrangement also ensures that the repairs are done out of office hours and thus business will not be lost.

Points Covered By an Annual Maintenance Contract

Some of the things that an annual maintenance contract in Dubai will cover are the monitoring of the server round the clock and preventive maintenance done regularly. Qualified engineers will visit the site at regular intervals and incident based call-out support is also offered. The help desk support is unlimited. Every time new services or products come into the market, they will be added and contents that are unique and fresh are added from time to time. All this and more are offered by IT support providers in Dubai to ensure that their customers are satisfied. Only if this kind of service is offered will it be possible for companies who depend on the internet for all their business to succeed.

Cloud Based Back Up

In order to protect the data of companies it is common to have a backup service. Cloud back up in Dubai is given by IT service providers. It is also possible to get the antivirus protection configured and monitored by a fully managed antivirus server that is cloud based. No additional management software or hardware is required to protect the laptops, desktops or servers as the managed cloud protection gives complete security. The security technology is very advanced and it can be managed from a management console that is web based.

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