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rosysnet May 17, 2016 blog 0 Comments

Computer viruses are a fact of life. Just like human viruses they exist and will continue to evolve. A few myths about computer viruses can help you to understand their evolution. Just having anti-virus solution on your computer does not mean that you are safe. The virus world has the ability to mutate. A day will surely come when an Ebola like computer virus will take over. Another myth is that by isolating from the web you may not get infected. Please remember that virus lurks in the dark depths of thumb drives and other portable media. Even if you trust a source you can never be sure. However it does not mean that you are helpless. Just like human virus precautions you must be vigilant in your approach to data.

A common misconception among computer users is once you have antivirus to clean an infected system you are free of the virus menace. You can be no more wrong than to harbor such wrong notions. New virus can be lurking which anti-virus is unable to detect. Recently antivirus solutions from India found that a variant of the Trojan virus was making a comeback and an effective antidote was introduced in the nick of time.

Managed services providers have now evolved into the domain of security particularly in being vigilant against virus attacks. IT support services in UAE have created cloud backup solutions and this is a feature in annual maintenance contract in Dubai. This ensures that in the event of system crashes due to malicious software attacks data can easily be recovered from the backup in the cloud. This is a disaster recovery system that most IT support services in Dubai insist that a client invests. This is being proactive as foreseeing problems before they can happen ensures that client’s business security is not threatened.

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