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rosysnet May 18, 2017 blog 0 Comments

Ransomware, a group of malware that prevents access to a computer, predominantly Windows’ machines, is wreaking havoc across the world, locking services of hospitals, utilities, businesses, and banks. WannaCry, the malware behind the present wave of the attack, is the nastiest one, as it involves military strength encryption of the computer files. To decrypt the files, the malware demands ransom, usually in Bitcoin, a digital crypto currency.

Evidently, the hackers have taken advantage of the flaws in the outdated operating system—some ransomware highjack even the backup and recovery procedures—and the malware protection. Machines that do not run updated operating system are the most vulnerable ones.

Ransomware virus solution has become necessary for all business entities if they want to protect against the onslaught of the malware. The easiest solutions against the attack are the following:

1. Cloud Service with Encryption

Standard cloud services allow access of data across a number of devices while backing up data. However, the data is not encryption protected, which leaves backup susceptible to the malware. Therefore, use a cloud service that encrypts the data while backing up the files.

2. Offline Backup

According to Microsoft, the best ransomware virus solution is to backup data offline on hard drives. Using encryption enabled hard drives can keep your files safe from malware activity, as data remains offline.

3. Updating the Operating System

It is reported that WannaCry exploits the gaps in the older version of Windows OS, and thus, updating machines act as efficient ransomware virus solution.

4. Anti-Virus Add-ons

A number of anti viruses are available with add-ons that specifically remove ransomware and protect computers against the number of malware. If you have a subscription of an anti-virus, the tools can be downloaded free.

According to IT specialists, it is recommended to employ more than one solution to protect against any future attack.

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