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rosysnet October 19, 2016 blog 0 Comments

Programmable infrastructure, data analytics and end-to-end solutions for network management is the hallmark of dedicated MSPs in the Emirates.

IT (Information Technology) has several stakeholders in an organization; they can be internal as well as external. Stakeholders require instant transformation of their ideas or services. For example, the finance department wants to see monetization of revenues across the board while marketing requires their new ideas to be operational yesterday. The administration needs the IT setup to be available across all devices and synced for real time data acquisition. The IT environment needs to be robust and efficient and the onus falls on the support team to ensure that digital transformation is happening 24 x 7.

UAE is digitally transforming across all sectors with the result that citizens are becoming digital-savvy and with that understanding, their expectation is high. UAE’s citizens have embraced the Internet with gusto that web hosting by UAE companies is witnessing record number of domain establishments as e-commerce is gaining plenty of traction. The onus of maintaining the high standards of expectation is achieved by outsourcing IT AMC services to India based companies who have the experience of maintaining legacy based systems as well as the latest technologies pertaining to mobility as well as enterprise systems. This transformation is based on the caveat that customers are in total command of their devices and their goal of generating business revenue is not hampered by IT issues.

Empowerment, Automation and Virtualization of IT Infrastructure

Empowering customers is the mantra that MSPs (Managed Service Providers) have embraced right from the start. The onus is on preempting problems and offering solutions before a problem can occur. Tailoring services that keep users requirements first is allowing MSPs to offer an experience that is unmatched by any other country. So inbred into the MSPs DNA is this mantra that taking it to the next level of virtualization as technologies develop is not at all difficult.

Extracting complete value of the latest technologies via automation and programmability is taking service operations to new levels of efficiency. Virtualization solutions in Dubai are no more a jargon to be used in conferences. The ability to simplify management of networks and quick response to environment needs and changes is akin to orchestrating the process on the fly. Consistency and reliability are the buzzwords for any MSP desirous of making it big in Dubai. To give the example of Microsysnet is apt here for their capability of addressing on-the-fly problems while delivering solutions to even complex problems.

Security Problem Solving Holistically

Security is a vital issue in the UAE as it is at the center of several cyber threats and attacks in the recent past. Outsourcing antivirus solutions in Dubai to qualified MSPs has enabled UAE to withstand any such disruptive attacks. Cloud technologies have allowed qualified MSPs to create programmable environment in terms of infrastructure. Every asset whether virtual or physical is holistically looked after as if it was one entity; thereby allowing maximum utilization of resources.

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