rosysnet March 19, 2016 item 0 Comments

IntelliDelta is a powerful and proven technology that performs backups for only the incremental changes in files. Instead of handling incremental changes in the block level (e.g. 4KB blocks), Managed Backup’s Intelli-Delta technology goes one, actually, two steps further. Managed Backup does not implement pre decided block sizes as this is often sub-optimal. For a small file, the block size may be too large and hence translate to a larger amount of data being sent than what’s required. For very large files, a small block size translates to performance degradation. Managed Backup decides on individually optimal block sizes for every single file after taking into account the original file size. This ensures that for each file, changes are examined at an ‘optimized byte level’.

Additionally, Managed Backup also leverages RSYNC’s powerful ROLLING CHECKSUM feature – going one more step ahead of conventional approaches to incremental backups.

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