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How is Managed Backup different from other desktop backup and laptop backup products?

Managed Backup is a flexible backup solution that works with your existing hardware. This flexibility allows it to be deployed in multiple modes – Trusted Peer To Peer Backup and Typical Client-Server deployments.

Trusted Peer To Peer Backup – Managed Backup provides an easy and intuitive mechanism to use the free space in user desktops in a network for backup purposes. Managed Backup’s P2P deployment capability is based on the concept of trusted peers in an intranet whose desktop space can be utilized in a peer-to-peer fashion.

Typical Client-Server deployments – This is a more traditional deployment – ideal for leveraging existing backup infrastructure by allowing customers to include desktop and laptop data. All the desktops and laptops run the Managed Backup in Client mode only, and they all back up their data to a central backup storage server.

Another important feature of Managed Backup is the ease with which end users can configure backups and restore them, when required, without the help of system administrators. Managed Backup also allows centralized administration from a Web Console (Browser based), to make it easy for system administrators to manage and monitor Managed Backup deployments.

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