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In order to achieve superior results and exponential progress, businesses in the UAE need to leverage cutting edge technology when it comes to IT support and services. With Dubai being a hub for the Middle Eastern region, IT support services in UAE has helped scores of businesses flourish, especially in Dubai. Opportunities for an IT company in Dubai are immense given the boom in businesses. Technology has to be progressive to make lives better.

Reliable IT Support and Solutions For Relocation and Setup

IT Support services in Dubai is exceptionally high. They provide IT support 24/7. Whether its setting up a new office or relocating, all IT support that you would need would be available. From designing how your IT infrastructure should be laid out, dismantling equipment from the old office to relocating and assembling equipment to a new premise, IT transfer arrangements are done with ease. Critical issues would be addressed on non-business days too.

Networking Solutions

Networking should be optimized based on the budget and needs of a business. Network design and planning starts with a structured cabling system and server room deployment in place Telephone systems would also be deployed and with that network monitoring and troubleshooting would be taken care of. If in-house technical support is limited, you could always outsource IT support to a third party.

Consulting Solutions

Knowledge and skills in the IT field needs to be continuously upgraded. You could always opt for IT consulting in areas deemed fit for an upgrade. IT consulting generally covers a wide range of areas from cost management to security risk monitoring.

Annual Maintenance Contract in Dubai

For a hassle-free experience, it is always advisable to get sign an annual maintenance contract for IT support and services in Dubai. In that way, you make sure that the onus of ensuring that your business runs continuously with the help of technology does not entirely lie on you. With a quick response time and reduced IT spending, annual maintenance contracts are an absolute essential for a competent business operation.

Maintenance contracts mostly comprises of packages ranging from remote support, onsite support, integrated onsite IT support to fully managed IT support. Each package would include remote support by telephone and email, onsite technician visits, regular maintenance visits, service level agreements, and IT systems support. The rates for all these services would depend on the package you choose. Additional services such as round the clock network and server monitoring, data recovery and continuity planning, and IT products and services procurement and supply are also available. All additional services can also be integrated into these packages. Some maintenance contracts even provide for a dedicated onsite IT solutions manager and also an onsite engineer.

With focus on quality, and a robust IT management and support process in place, businesses in Dubai experience timely, efficient, and reliable IT support and services.

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