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rosysnet August 4, 2016 blog-microsysnet 0 Comments

In India, it is quite common among the middle class for senior citizens like parents and grandparents to using desktop computers and older versions of Microsoft Windows OS (operating systems). The younger folk are using the latest OS like Android on their cellphones and tablets while the professionals are using the latest laptops with new versions of the Microsoft OS. IT support services in India is quite used to calls for checking legacy computer systems for troubleshooting not only computer problems but also network issues. The older generation like everywhere else is comfortable with what they have and any change outside their comfort zone is difficult to comprehend.

IT solutions in Dubai are also experiencing a similar kind of scenario though with not as much frequency. There are a still a number of older legacy computer systems in existence as evidenced by annual maintenance contract services in UAE servicing computers operating earlier versions of Mac OS and Windows OS. There are a few Linux systems still in operation. The expatriate Indian population are well versed with older systems manage computer repair in Dubai. Credit should be laidat the door of managed service providers in Dubai and UAE who serve older systems with the same zeal as much as they serve newer customers with their latest laptops running Windows 10 OS or iOS 9.2. The advantage in the Gulf States is the implementation of optical fiber networks across the length and breadth of the country that allows acceptance of newer technology for the benefits it brings. In India, implementation is still a work in progress. However much people wish for using newer and better technology it should also be understood that there is a cost attached and an emerging economy like India can ill afford to discard older technology. This augurs well for IT support services as this situation allows them to be in touch with the old. By the way anybody remembers good old Disk Operating System called DOS?

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