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rosysnet July 5, 2016 blog-microsysnet 0 Comments

UAE (United Arab Emirates) is witnessing ecommerce revolution that is on par with other countries in the world. As befits paradigm changes this revolution is also facing unprecedented cyber security challenges. A recent report in Cybersecurity Ventures states that global cybersecurity spends during 2017 to 2021 will be in the order of one trillion dollars. The reports emphasizes that cybercrime growth is in geometric progression compared with growth in ecommerce. Apart from malware in PCs sophistication of cybercrime in handheld devices, laptops and cellphones are registering phenomenal increases.

IT security and solutions comprise, consulting, implementing and maintaining. IT security and solutions in India is at the forefront of implementation and operations. They have exported this expertise to Dubai web hosting companies as Indians form a sizeable chunk of the work force diaspora. Indian IT companies have plenty of operational experience as can be witnessed by the plethora of companies offering AMC services in UAE (AMC is annual maintenance contract). This aspect is seeing a huge shift to offering security solutions.

Major crimes reported from the West indicate a rising trend of ransomware (specific malware installed secretly without the knowledge of the user; restricting user’s access to the computer unless certain demands of money are met). Web hosting services in UAE are now offering security solutions as a package that not only boosts revenue but also affords a degree of protection against the hackers. One of the primary reasons for hackers to flourish is that many crimes go unreported, as the companies who have been hacked would not like to publicize these attacks. System integrators and value added resellers form the dominant enterprise in cyber security resulting in localization of security solutions. Bigger organizations have sophisticated firewalls that prevent unauthorized access. Cyber consulting services are witnessing excellent growth.

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