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rosysnet May 22, 2018 blog-microsysnet 0 Comments

Online data attacks and network downtime are two of the threats that any company dreads. With managed IT support services, you can effectively address these and more.

AMC Services for Server Maintenance

To a small business, a network downtime can spell disaster. Server maintenance is a crucial activity for businesses, to ensure that they are always up and running and that business is not impacted. A number of IT support companies now offer AMC services, which take care of server monitoring and preventive maintenance, giving company owners the assurance of at least 99% up-time that is imperative to running their businesses. In addition, AMC services handle the constant threat of data attacks, by running virus scans and blocking emerging threats through frequent anti-virus software updates. With experienced IT professionals handling their networks, desktops, servers and other devices, companies can stop worrying about downtime and data security, and focus on running their core business instead.

Round the Clock Monitoring and Reporting

A typical Computer Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) involves 24X7 monitoring of all IT systems within a company, as well as reporting on the performance of these systems. Companies are assured of getting regular updates on how effectively their systems are functioning, as well as what activities are being undertaken to ensure higher degrees of the system and network performance. Some of the services included in the AMC bundle are continuous helpdesk support, onsite visits by IT professionals, monthly reports, an up-to-date inventory of all the IT equipment in the company’s network, data backup and recovery and system audits. Each of these services could take days or weeks if attempted manually; however, with an Annual Maintenance Contract, these are handled remotely at the touch of a button. Computer support services make available information such as asset reports, inventory summaries, software compliance, installed applications and much more, instantly.

Advantages of Hiring Managed IT Support Services

A Computer Annual Maintenance Contract is the assurance of peace of mind for a company, in terms of fewer downtimes, and the reduced risk of security threats, or even shortages in IT labour. An AMC removes the need to hire a dedicated IT support staff, and so brings down operative costs within a company. Constant monitoring, data backup services and regular updates to prevent data attacks help secure the company’s network and ultimately lead to an increase in productivity.

Network downtime is a serious issue and one that can compromise a company’s credibility in the industry, as well as result in the loss of thousands of dollars. With computer support services, small companies can now rest easy that their network and systems are in safe hands and focus their entire energy on running their business.

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