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It is a bit cumbersome to search suitable virus protection software in the competitive market. Numerous antivirus programs are available at affordable rates and ensuring high efficiency level. Choosing the right one hence needs extensive research and a thorough understanding of the software as well. To be on the safer side, it is better to look for a service provider that includes antivirus solutions in its computer annual maintenance contract.

Ask the Right Questions

Before buying one of the effective antivirus solutions, it is wise to find the answer for the following questions:
• Whether it offers the consumer free of cost updates
• Whether it is a standalone software platform.
• The program must be compatible with other programs running in the computer.

Look Beyond Basic Features

Majority of computer owners stick by a specific antivirus to protect their system, which is not a recommended habit. Basic Windows virus defending programs only provide basic protection. For in-depth protection it is necessary to invest in an efficient program.


Every antivirus cannot be a solution for your brand of computer. Compatibility is a factor one cannot ignore. For example a particular antivirus solution might work on your Windows computer but not on a Mac machine. It is hence wise to invest considerable time in reading specifications, and if needed make enquiries to stores before investing into any software.

Computer Annual Maintenance Contract

Opting for AMC from a trustworthy is perhaps one of the best methods to protect your system from antivirus and other harmful threats. While any such computer annual maintenance contract will protect your IT information assets, it is also instrumental in maintaining your IT system and server. Here are some of the prominent benefits of availing AMC from a bankable company:

• Get the chance to focus on the core tenets of your business.
• Complete IT infrastructure support for your desktops, servers, users and other devices
• Protect your system from potential threats
• Choose from among a sizable list of tasks to be carried out during AMC tenure.
• Managed protection services at affordable cost
• 24×7 server and peripheral monitoring
• Remote help desk support
• Consistent preventive maintenance
• Qualified engineers giving onsite visit
• IT assessment on regular basis
• Free upgrades, new features, and no additional hardware

With such profusion of advantages, it is indeed wise to opt for a computer annual maintenance contract over standalone services from different IT companies. It will not only help you get one of the befitting antivirus solutions but will also ensure overall efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

It is extremely challenging to choose antivirus solutions owing to competitive market. Going for a computer annual maintenance contract from a renowned IT company would be ideal in this context.

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