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rosysnet April 10, 2017 blog-microsysnet 0 Comments

Small businesses often find it hard to compete with large-scale companies due to much lower budget. They also find it challenging to switch to a managed cloud antivirus from a freeware. The problem is that a free antivirus is just for individuals and those running a very small business. At some point, you may want to look for antivirus solutions because there are some problems with unmanaged or free antivirus solutions.

Why to avoid free antivirus?

The most common and, sometimes annoying, problem with unmanaged or free antivirus is that it provides protection only when it is active and updated. Another problem is that the antivirus definition updates are too slow to control new threats and to protect your system as compared to a licensed one.

If a computer user uninstalls the software, turns off protection, and don’t allow the program to download updates automatically, the software may become obsolete. Even with having a policy to control online activities, it is often challenging to keep track on them. Every employee using your workstations should understand the value of antivirus protection and well-trained on internet security. It is too burdensome to train every employee for that.

Switch to managed cloud antivirus for added protection

Managed cloud antivirus doesn’t need manual control by the end user. It is the difference between managed antivirus solutions and unmanaged software.

To disable or to uninstall an antivirus, your staff would need to provide a special password. It is the best thing about managed cloud antivirus. Security updates are downloaded automatically, without any user’s attention. Sometimes, an asset inventory is also created and software is installed on your computers, which is another plus of IT support services Dubai. It records the asset inventory in an Excel spreadsheet and sends to you for free. Hence, this type of IT support in Dubai can easily centralize internet security in your company and make your jobs easier.

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