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rosysnet November 11, 2016 blog 0 Comments

The vision document of UAE Vision 2012 states, “the implementation of the vision is ensuring growth based on community ties in the building of a vibrant and knowledgeable society” The goal is to provide the framework for Emiratis to become confident and responsible that will build on the strong and vibrant culture.

The UAE 2021 vision is well on its way of attaining the desired results by creating a sustainable environment and infrastructure via a competitive knowledge economy. In the words of Sheikh Maktoum (Emir of Dubai), supporting economic growth through sustainable practices is to be the focus of all economy related organizations is it public or private.

MSP Support for Robustness in IT Infrastructure

IT (information technology) sector has embraced this vision and the robust infrastructure is on target. The citizens are equipped with knowledge based on technology that is creating a solid sustainable footing for the future. One of the pillars of the IT sector is the MSP (Managed Service Provider) approach, which is unique to the Emirates. The practice of IT management under professional MSP is a strategy that is paying huge dividends in achieving UAE Vision 2021. The methodology is directly improving efficiency and boosting productivity whilst increasing the knowledge base.

Private sector as well as Government bodies in the UAE have realized the efficacy of IT support and services in Dubai. One of the pioneers in this domain is Microsysnet, which is the IT solutions company in India. With experience honed in India, this IT Company in UAE has replaced traditional IT management tools such as mega outsourcing practices with cost effective proactive management with respect to data security and application management. The net effect of MSP strategy is

• Improving productivity at every stage
• Improved profitability through lower cost of operation
• Reducing risk due to obsolescence in technology

As an example, online businesses are to be provided with round the clock server maintenance as customers span across different time zones. The state-of-the-art server systems from United Kingdom (London is the premier financial hub in the world)is kept in perfect sync with other server systems as IT support through AMC, UK based enterprises manage ongoing operations proactively. AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) service by MSP is at the heart of managing networks of different countries that allow businesses in UAE to compete effectively and efficiently with others. MSPs such as Microsysnet have been able to offer this IT support to businesses in UAE irrespective of size. This is possible due to their technical competence and man management skills that allow seamless transition in merging modern technologies while preserving tradition and vibrant culture of the Middle East. It is a win-win situation in the strategy of leaping the digital divide. The small group of nations has embraced the vision of providing for their citizens a sustainable lifestyle that is the envy of the rest of the world. The tools and infrastructure to achieve this goal are in place and the support of IT MSP in managing these tools and infrastructure is keeping pace with the efforts of the Government in UAE.

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